Rid Your Home of Dangerous Asbestos

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Was your home or commercial facility in the Bozeman, MT area built before 1987? If so, it might contain asbestos - a cancer-causing agent. Before a remodel or after a disaster, turn to an asbestos insulation testing company to check for this harmful substance. Montana Building & Mechanical, Inc. will inspect every bit of your insulation and inform you of the presence of this dangerous mineral.

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A testing company you can trust

A testing company you can trust

When it comes to the health and safety of your loved ones, employees and customers, don't cut corners. Make sure you hire an asbestos testing service that:

  • Will respond rapidly to your call and show up on time with the proper tools
  • Will provide honest and knowledgeable answers to your tough questions
  • Will complete a thorough test and offer proper solutions to your asbestos problem

Call 406-581-8497 now to consult an asbestos testing company about the safety of your home or facility in the Bozeman, MT area.